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I was tasked with creating a product to demonstrate the best of mobile web tech, in collaboration with the Chrome team at Google.

My idea was to enable London commuters to track bus journeys in real-time using web sockets and set stop reminders using web push notifications.

After prototyping the technologies, I assembled a team of designers and engineers to develop the product. We teamed up with Transport for London (TFL) and installed Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) beacons on over 500 London buses to broadcast the app via the Physical Web.

Passengers within range of the BLE beacon were prompted that a Physical Web app was available at their location.

The Physical Web was an initiative from Google, encouraging mobile users to engage with their physical surroundings through new and immersive experiences.

When a passenger opened the app, we used the vehicle’s registration number to connect to TFL’s web socket API, and displayed their route in real-time, along with estimated arrival times.

With web push notifications, users could set reminders for any stop along their journey.

Users received a reminder as the bus was approaching their stop. This made the bus networks more accessible for tourists unfamiliar with the area, and for people travelling at night when the streets were difficult to see.

The project received positive feedback from users across social media and was featured in TechCrunch and presented on stage at Google IO.